Tanto Suratno

Deputy Executive General Manager IT Development, Telkom Indonesia

Business and technology professional with 15+ years leading the architecture, design, development, and implementation of technology solutions. Strong record of success in managing IT Business Platform, Business Support Systems, Enterprise Application Integration, and Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile, DataCom, Internet Content and Services, as well as Service Delivery Platform. Proven ability to bring the benefits of IT to solve business challenges while delivering enterprise level architeture, systems, applications, infrastructure, service level, costs and risks management. Provides strategic recomendations to board and strategic leaders on technology solutions. Lead innovation architect of projects for CX, Analytics, SDP, NGOSS of mobile broadband internet product service and content, IPTv services and contents, cloud computing product services and contents initiatives for the organisation.

Dynamic management career with strong leadership, relationship building, analysis dan solution architect, problem-solving, planning, team-building, defining roles and responsibilities, and program/project management skills. Positive can-do nature with a smile. Develop, motivate and retain diverse staff structuring them in teams that deliver solution, and results with a personal touch.